May 9 - July 31

2015 Venice Biennale

CAOS Art Gallery, Calle Lunga S Barnaba 2687, Dorsoduro, Venice, Italy

Gallery hours:  Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00AM - 6:00PM | Opening reception:  May 9, 6:00PM

Distilled from a language of biblical symbolism, Marys addresses contemporary conceptions of femininity through the pervasive but opposing archetypes of the Virgin Mary and Mary Magdalene:  one dutiful, maternal, complacent; the other sensual, inquisitive, and bold.  Implementing the diptych as the overarching format throughout the series, pairs of photographs and sculptures portray each in equal measure and without personal bias, leaving viewers’ intuitive reactions and aesthetic preferences to construct a personal mirror that strives to question and redefine the parameters history has placed around the individual, the woman, and the collective human condition.

View work from the Marys project.